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In previous Windows 2003, we were using classic Ntbackup solution to take backup on TAPE library system, but with the new windows 2008 R2 upgrade, we found that that the tape drive support have been removed from the new Server Backup tool. Virtual Tape (Vtape) User's Guide and Reference When using numeric library prefixes, if the virtual tape volume serial is all numeric and less than 6 characters in length, the library prefix must be either: quickspecs | Compaq supports both DLT and AIT library products: • Compaq StorageWorks SSL2020 AIT Tape Library • Compaq StorageWorks TL891 DLT Library • Compaq StorageWorks TL895 DLT Library • Compaq StorageWorks ESL9326D Tape Library Driving the Open …

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Quantum Certance DLT SDLT DAT LTO-1 LTO-2 Tape Drive Sales and Repairs. Craystone sell full range of Quantum/Certance Tape Products. DLT, SDLT, DAT LTO VS and more. AP Series Tape Library PivotStor delivers affordable rack-mount tape libraries that enable organizations to effectively accomplish two critical data protection tasks: fast backup and long-term BackupExec – Media sets vs. library partitioning | BackupExec doesn’t handle the backup media like you might think, after just looking at it. Media sets are intended to identify the data, stored on the tapes and not to identify the correct tapes for a job to be executed! To be really sure …

The Backup Exec 2010 DVD. Note: I won’t go through the process of installing both machines, and Backup Exec, I’m starting from an already built environment. Some notes on the simulated tape library: The simulated tape library emulates an Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) media type. You can emulate up to 50 slots and 1 drive.

Backup Exec, Data Protection Manager, Veeam are included into the good old recipe of backup “to-tape” strategy.This video demonstration describes how to configure a Virtual Tape Library (VTL) on a DXi system and integrate it with a backup application to back up data.

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Backup Exec release tape library When removing tapes from a tape library can meet the problem of its opening. If the backup program you use BackupExec we must first unlock the tie and then we remove it from the slot.

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09.09 ~ Bauer-Power Media Bauer-Power is a technology blog talking about free software, linux, windows, apple, hacking, freeware, open source, and other geeky goodness. NetVault Backup Reviews 2018 | G2 Crowd Filter 18 reviews by the users' company size, role or industry to find out how NetVault Backup works for a business like yours. Exabyte StorageLoader VXA-2 - Tape Drive Repairs UK | LTO The StorageLoader VXA-2 offers a unique combination of capacity, data reliability, transfer speed and price for this class of automation products. In addition to its compact 1U, rack-mountable form factor, it offers a midrange feature set … Arcserve Backup for Windows - PDF

BK03 - Backup Exec 2012 Server. Quantum Scalar i80 (50 slots licensed) tape library with 4 FC tape drives. This has been partitioned in to 2 partitions: lib_a has 40 slots and 3 drives, lib_b has 9 slots and 1 drive. lib_a is used with NetBackup and lib_b with Backup Exec. SAN03 - NetApp Filer FAS2040 to be backed up via NDMP.