Dual band bent slot loaded patch antenna

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Dual and wide-band slot loaded stacked microstrip patch ... In this proposed work a compact dual band and wideband slot loaded multilayered patch antennas are presented for WLAN and WiMAX applications. The antenna parameters such as return loss, radiation pattern, gain, frequency ratio, VSWR, efficiency, group delay and beam-width are discussed. Design of Dual Band Dual Polarized Microstrip Patch Antennas This is to certify that the work in the thesis entitled Dual Band and Dual Polarized Microstrip Patch Antenna by Soumya Ranjan Behera & Vishnu V, is a record of an original research work carried out by them under my supervision and guidance in partial fulfillment of the requirements Analysis of U-slot loaded Patch for Dualband Operation

microstrip antenna. The dual band microstrip antenna is obtained by placing open circuit stub on the edges of the patch. The dual polarized operation is realized when these two modes are orthogonal to each other. In this paper, dual band and dual polarized stub loaded C-shaped and shorted L-shaped shaped microstrip antenna are proposed.

For dual frequency operation, four slots are etched near edges of the patch and a crossed slot etched in the center for generating circular polarization. In order to reducing the frequency ratio of two frequency bands of the antenna, the patch is loaded by four short circuit microstrip stubs. Analysis of L-Slot Loaded Rectangular Patch Antenna for … Index Terms—L-shaped, Slot, patch, antenna, dual band.When a patch antenna is loaded with reactive elements such as slots, stubs or shorting pin, it gives tunable or dual frequency antenna characteristics [5]. A rigorous solution to the problem of a rectangular microstrip antenna which is the... Slot Loaded Square Microstrip Patch Antenna for Dual … A perfect dual-band antenna always shows identical radiation properties at its both operating frequencies.The resonant behavior of the slot loaded patch antenna can be explained by initiating from the cavity model description of an unslotted rectangular patch and from cavity perturbation theory. Design Of A Dual Band GSM Micro-Strip Patch Antenna Abstract: New design of obtaining a dual frequency bands antenna operate on the dual frequency bands of the Global System for MobileThe result of this work shows that the slot loaded into the square patch antennas offers further size reduction with multiband properties that can be used in...

On the Use of Slots in the Design of Patch Antennas

Dual-band slot-loaded patch antenna Abstract: A new patch antenna is analysed which provides dual-frequency operation by means of two narrow slots close to the patch radiating edges. The two modes of operations show similar radiating properties. The ratio between the two frequencies can be well controlled within a range varying from 1.6 to 2 ... Compact dual band slotted patch antenna for wireless systems Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics Vol 41, June 2012, pp 372-376 Compact dual band slotted patch antenna for wireless systems P A Ambresh$, P M Hadalgi #,* & P V Hunagund+ Microwave Electronics Research Laboratory, Department of P G Studies & Research in Applied Electronics,

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Dual Band and Dual Polarized Microstrip Patch Antenna ... loading for dual band operation with better impedance matching. The designed antenna can be ...... of the patch. By using bent slots in parallel with patch's central line or the diagonal.

On the Use of Slots in the Design of Patch Antennas

5 VSWR 5 Figure 3.4: Current distribution in C-shaped slot patch The current distributions at the place in dark red shade show the radiation power of the C-shaped patch antenna in figure 3.4. Hamid Hassani | Shahed University - Academia.edu Hamid Hassani, Shahed University, Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty Member. Studies Microstrip Antennas, IEEE 802.11 WLAN a RF/ Microwave Power/Low Noise Amplifiers. US5905465A - Antenna system - Google Patents

First, the design parameters for dual band and dual polarized of rectangular patch antenna have been calculated from the transmission line model equation. The antenna design is extended to enhancement of bandwidth of multi- frequncy and multi-polarization rectangular Microstrip patch antenna using the slots at radiating edges. Dual-Band Miniaturized Patch Antennas for Microwave Breast ...